Webfare. A Manifesto for Digital Well-Being. Von Maurizio Ferraris

From time immemorial, humans have been making deals, consuming goods, cultivating interests, thereby manifesting specific forms of life. Now, these forms of life solidify automatically by transforming into data. Webfare, a form of digital welfare, seeks to initiate a Copernican revolution that places need instead of merit at the center of society. In 21st-century welfare, consumption and production will be considered as the two faces of the same reality. The possibility to create new value is precisely what sets Webfare apart from traditional welfare: it recognizes the new value created by the Web, and aims to use it for everyone's well-being.

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Der Autor:

Maurizio Ferraris is a full professor of theoretical philosophy at the University of Turin. He is the president of Labont (Center for Ontology) and also the president of »Scienza Nuova«, an institute of advanced studies aimed at planning a sustainable future. Visiting professor at Harvard, Oxford, Munich, and Paris, newspaper columnist, author of successful television programmes and over seventy books, he has determined a new course of thought and studies in at least six areas: history of hermeneutics, aesthetics as theory of perception, social ontology, metaphysics, technological anthropology, and philosophy of economics.

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