SQL Server on Kubernetes Designing and Building a Modern Data Platform. By E. Nocentino and Ben Weissman

Build a modern data platform by deploying SQL Server in Kubernetes. Modern application deployment needs to be fast and consistent to keep up with business objectives and Kubernetes is quickly becoming the standard for deploying container-based applications, fast. This book introduces Kubernetes and its core concepts. Then it shows you how to build and interact with a Kubernetes cluster. Next, it goes deep into deploying and operationalizing SQL Server in Kubernetes, both on premises and in cloud environments such as the Azure Cloud.

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Beginning Neo4j. Von Chris Kemper

Beginning Neo4j is your introduction in the world of graph databases, and the benefits they can bring to your applications. Neo4j is the most established graph database on the market, and it's always improving to bring more of its benefits to you. This book will take you from the installation of Neo4j through to building a full application with Neo4j at its heart, and everything in between.Using this book, you'll get everything up and running, and then learn how to use Neo4j to build up recommendations, relationships, and calculate the shortest route between two locations. With example data models, best practices, and an application putting everything together, this book will give you everything you need to really get started with Neo4j.

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Practical Neo4j. Von Gregory Jordan

Practical Neo4j provides an in-depth look into why developers at places like Facebook and Twitter have increasingly turned to graph databases to manage their highly connected, big data. The book guides you through the background and basics of graphs and gets you quickly up and running with Neo4j. It will walk you through the data modeling stages for projects such as social networks, recommendation engines and geo-based applications. The book also dives into the configuration steps as well as the language options used to create your Neo4j-backed applications.Neo4j runs some of the largest connected datasets in the world, and developing with it offers you a fast, flexible and proven database option.

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Modern CSS. Master the Key. Concepts of CSS for Modern Web Development. Von Joe Attardi

Come on a tour of "modern" CSS in 2020. This example-driven book demonstrates the concepts by showing code examples, screenshots, and diagrams to help clearly communicate the information.

You'll start with the very basics of CSS: box model, colors, selectors and combinators, and specificity. Then gradually move through more intermediate topics - styling text, positioning, Z-index and stacking contexts, gradients, borders, and then to more advanced topics such as transforms, transitions, animations, flexbox, and CSS grid. Some features are only available in modern browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox), but information about IE11 compatibility is included where possible.

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Visual Design of GraphQL Data. A Practical Introduction with Legacy Data and Neo4j. Von Thomas Frisendal

Get an introduction to the visual design of GraphQL data and concepts, including GraphQL structures, semantics, and schemas in this compact, pragmatic book. In it you will see simple guidelines based on lessons learned from real-life data discovery and unification, as well as useful visualization techniques. These in turn help you improve the quality of your API designs and give you the skills to produce convincing visual communications about the structure of your API designs.
Finally, Visual Design of GraphQL Data shows you how to handle GraphQL with legacy data as well as with Neo4j graph databases. Spending time on schema quality means that you will work from sharper definitions, which in turn leads to greater productivity and well-structured applications.

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The Definitive Guide To Drupal 7. Everything you need to know about Drupal from many of the best minds in the business. Von Benjamin Melancon

The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 is the most comprehensive book for getting sites done using the powerful and extensible Drupal content management system. Written by a panel of expert authors, the book covers every aspect of Drupal, from planning a successful project all the way up to making a living from designing Drupal sites and to contributing to the Drupal community yourself.

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